Saturday, December 26, 2009

LOST: An Art Retrospective

Gallery 1988, perhaps the coolest gallery on earth (sorry MoMa) introduces yet another amazing pop-culture show with a showing based solely on the series Lost.  Incredible works showcase everything from the characters, unsolved mysteries (there are sooo many), and locales of the mysterious island of Lost.  Of the many television shows that have attracted a cult following, Lost is perhaps the newest to bring with it a truly devoted fanbase that theorize the show as if it were an old Nietzsche text.

Gallery 1988 has showcased art shows based on video games, and pop-culture in the past, most notably their yearly Crazy 4 Cult show that highlights the best in cult classic film and TV in some of the freshest new art created today.  The young artists that make up these shows create some of the most unique interpretations of their favorite scenes from their favorite films.  Next month, there is a showing scheduled that is based solely on the He-Man universe...Awesome.

The Lost show is no different, and wether you are a fan or not, be sure to check out the incredible works in this truly original show.  Gallery 1988 is located in LA, with another gallery in San Francisco as well.  Unfortunately I have never been there, as I live on the opposite coast, but you can believe that next time I head out west, I'm there.  Luckily you can see their shows on their blog, and see the entire Lost show here  Check out more of my favorites below.

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